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Edmonton Caricatures

I spent the afternoon drawing at Holt Renfrew. It was great to be asked back since my last time there just before Christmas. It was neat to draw this lady because she was visiting Canada from Shanghai. She said that was her 10th caricature she’s had done. She collects them! I hope that mine can be among her favourite. I made sure to add a maple leaf of course!

I drew a lot of caricatures from photos on people’s phones so that they could give a caricature to their boyfriend or girlfriend. I added some subtle hearts along the bottom of their caricatures to add to the whole “Valentine’s” theme at Holt Renfrew.

The staff were really friendly once again. One of the ladies working there part time is someone I’d drawn at a food trade show late last year! I recognised her right away - in fact, I loved her caricature so much that it’s one of the ones that I’ve posted on my blog!

So, you see the board of examples in behind this lady in the photo …. there’s probably 11 photos on it. A few of the staff recognised one of the people as someone who used to work there! And then a young girl who was in the store recognised a girl in one of the photos! Really, what are the chances of that? What a fluke. Seriously, Edmonton isn’t that small of a city!

I enjoyed my day at Holt Renfrew and would be more than happy to go back. It’s got a cool vibe to it and I loved the quality food at the little cafe on the main floor of the same building.

caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

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