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Caricatures at Fort Saskatchewan's Fall Festival

It was a fabulous, warm day at the Fort Saskatchewan Fall Festival put on by the Downtown Business Council. 

They had a dunk tank, bands, jumpy things, hair extensions, food, western photo booth and …. CARICATURES!  Here are a couple of my favourites. 

I didn’t notice that the mom in this picture put her sunglasses back on.  A little tough to see the likeness but you get the general idea.  It’s always kind of special when a caricature is done of a mother and daughter, father and son or like another one I did today… of a grandpa and his one year old grand daughter. Oh I wish I’d taken a picture of them and their caricature because he was one proud grandpa! I’d finished drawing here face and I was just working on her hair when she fell asleep on his lap.  So adorable! 

 I love the caricature here of the woman with the curly hair.  Sometimes ya just feel like ya get it right and you're happy to have been able to take a picture of it because you can revisit the “AH HA! I got it!” moment.  

Always fun too when you hear them say, “Oh, we’re getting that framed!” …. so it was a good day in the beautiful little town of Fort Saskatchewan, located just outside of Edmonton Alberta.

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