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Art, Bookcase or Door?

Is it a bookcase or is it a door?

    Just when I'm goin' along doin' my art thing, I get asked to do something that I've never done before... Case-in-point - this job.  My client wanted the doors to be disguised as a bookcase.  In this area of the extended care facility, some residents hang around the door and often push on the door which sometimes sets off an alarm.  This set of doors actually has two windows on each door.  The trick was to have the vinyl so that staff could see into the unit from the other side and to make sure that they don't open the door and hit someone with it that may be standing near it.  I knew of vinyl that can do this one-way glass. 

    On to the next step - the bookcase.  I always refuse to take the short cut, I will not take something off the internet.  So I realized that my in-laws have a great bookcase!  I brought a bunch of my own books over and took photos of the bookcase loaded with two different sets of books (one for each door). 

    It was a challenge getting the vinyl up with all the different bumps, layers and screws on the doors.  The more I got into it, the more I felt, "Hey, I'm doing this!  Hey, I can do this!"  It sure helped that the staff came up several times saying how good it looked and what a great idea it was. 

   Standing back and thinking, "That looks awesome!  It looks like a bookcase!  Mission accomplished!" 

A door disguised as a bookcase

vinyl art

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